The building has facilities for diversified telecommunications and data requirements to suit tenants' requirements. Base building cabling/systems exist for interconnection by tenants and space provisions are allowed for tenants' own cabling and equipment.

All main distribution framed (MDF), sub-distribution frames (SDF) and internal distribution frames (IDF) are the Landlord's responsibility. All connecting lines from these points to the tenant's associated equipment are the tenant's responsibility.

The base building communications infrastructure consists of a copper cabling reticulation system throughout the building.

Incoming cables from the underground reticulation network comprise a 2000 and a 1200 pair cable to the Building Distributor (BD) frame located at basement level 3 in the MDF room.

Each office floor is served by a 200 pair riser cable from the BD to a Floor Distribution (FD) frame located within the dedicated telecommunications riser shaft in the service core.

Each FD frame provides 20 off 20 pair Final Distribution Points (FDP) for the floor, to a maximum of 200 pair for each floor. These are installed around the perimeter walls for interconnection to equipment if required.

There are also rooftop antennae providing base building telecommunications infrastructure.

Fibre optic cabling and associated infrastructure has been installed in the communication risers by authorised carriers who seek to provide telecommunications facilities to tenants. These facilities include internet connection, data transfer and video conferencing capacity.

The following carriers have committed to long term contracts to provide telecommunication services.

  • AAPT
  • MCI Worldcom
  • Optus
  • Powertel