The Collins Place site is patrolled 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For any security queries, during normal business hours please phone 9655 3613. After hours the Security Supervisor can be contacted on 9655 3614.

Security Control and Security Guards
A Security Control Room situated at Lower Ground level is manned 24 hours per day. Roving guards patrol the tenancies after hours and public areas 24 hours per day.

Should a guard encounter any unusual occurrences within your tenancy after hours, the tenant after hours contact will be notified immediately if considered necessary.

From the Security Control Room the duty security guard can:

  • Visually monitor the location and operating status of all lifts
  • Monitor all alarms throughout the complex
  • Monitor security cameras; there are 100 on site
  • Deal with emergency evacuation procedures
  • Communicate with the roving guards at all times
  • Communicate via intercoms with tenants/public

If at any time an emergency arises within your tenancy, phone the Security Guard Supervisor immediately on 9655 3660.

There is a security guard at the 35 Collins Street reception desk. Currently this guard is responsible for supervising building access, and specifically 'signs in' all Telstra visitors, contractors and couriers.