Collins Place has a constant volume air conditioning system providing 2 perimeter zones that provide heating or cooling depending on conditions. The internal zone air conditioning is split into 5-6 zones with each zone trimmed by its own thermostat. The control system provides a full outside air economiser fresh air cycle.

After Hours Air Conditioning
Collins Place has standard air conditioning between the hours of 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, with the exclusion of Public Holidays.

If you require air conditioning in your tenancy outside these hours, you can arrange this by contacting the Property Manager. Charges for running the air conditioning plant after hours will be passed on to users. A minimum usage is half a floor.

Supplementary Air Conditioning
Tenants with specialised air conditioning requirements may need to supplement the building's service with additional air conditioning in specific areas of their tenancy (eg. computer rooms and training rooms). Supplementary chilled water is circulated through the building to facilitate such a requirement.